Thursday, September 28, 2006


Just to let you know...

...the next edition of RUR will be posted soon.

My podcasting energies have been recently taken up with preparing my novel The Plitone Revisionist for That's now live, and I encourage you to visit and subscribe. You need to be registered, but it's all free, and the great thing about is that whenever you subscribe to one of the many podiobooks available your subscription starts at the very first episode, and you can specify how often (daily, weekly, monthly) you get each subsequent episode. You can even, if you so wish, receive all the available episodes on the same day!

I will also be releasing a more verbose version of The Plitone Revisionist podcast novel at, including promos, chat, and eventually feedback.

RUR #27 is likely to be a bumper edition, unless I decide to hold some of the huge amount of content I have until #28.