Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Rev Up Review: Nemo & Time Travel

The Rev Up Review, Number Eight:

  • Title: RUR-2005-08-07
  • Size: 17.6 MB
  • Duration: 38'20"
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Anonymous said...

Cheers, Paul!

You said you wanted feedback, and so I'm "feeding back" to say, once again, that I'm loving your podcast. The particular musical selection on this RUR was my favorite to date and while I didn't mind the sound system setup from your previous casts (I've been listening since the very beginning...), your new setup sounds wonderful.

I wanted to ask, Paul, if you would be interested in reviewing my latest work. Please reply to me (offlist) with where to send you a copy of LEGACY OF MOREVI. I would be thrilled to hear you review it alongside the MOREVI podcast...

...which, I hope, you're still enjoying. *gulp!*

Thanks again for a wonderful podcast. Keep up the good work!

Paul S. Jenkins said...

Tee, thanks for all the compliments, especially on the audio quality -- makes the money spent on the new mic worthwhile....)

I'd be happy to review Legacy but it may have to wait a while -- I've just committed to reading Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, and it's huge. (I'll contact you offlist with an address.)

BTW I've still a way to go with Morevi -- been saving it up for when I can listen to several chapters in one go.

Anonymous said...

Hello Paul!

We're absolutely thrilled that you mentioned us on your show... now, even more thrilled because we LOVE your show and may not have found it otherwise. Keep up the great work!

Buttons & The Whore
Air Out My Shorts

Paul S. Jenkins said...

Buttons & The Whore,

You're welcome!

(And now my credibility is well and truly shot....)