Sunday, July 09, 2006

Forbidden Planet sees the light (or at least the link)

No sooner do I post a new RUR, complete with RANT about Forbidden Planet's lack of links for its 'podcast', than they actually put it right -- or nearly so. I can't seriously believe they've responded to my barely concealed invective in the short time since RUR #25 went live, but whatever prompted them to do it, I'm glad they did. The media player on the site now works with my MacBook, and there's a separate link to download the mp3. Only one though. There's no RSS feed yet -- but here's hoping...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, we always try to lsiten to what folks tell us, especially when we are doing something new and feeling our way in it. We're hoping to add feeds etc as soon as we can, but bear in mind we're creating this while running the blog, a huge webstore and helping with the print catalogue. Constructie commentsnad hints always welcome :-)