Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Rev Up Review Rift Shift

The Rev Up Review, Number Twenty-Nine:

  • Title: RUR-2007-01-27 #29 The Rev Up Review Rift Shift
  • Size: 22.6 MB
  • Duration: 32'52"
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Gatt said...

Original content low.

Mistake about the music. Your pacing is slow, but the background music made this work. I'd describe it as: it gives part of my mind something to do so another part can wander.

The dealbreaker, though is the ads and promos. It's just insulting to be subjected to that, and I won't face it again. Have you listened to it? Would you want to?

My parting suggestion is to have a think about who you want your audience to be. You could aim at building your own audience based on your own style, which I think is unique and thoughtful. OTOH I can see the allure of your direction, I'd summarize it as: Heat sells a lot of rags. But not to me.


Anonymous said...

So have you stopped doing the Interzone fiction reviews? and is this anything to do with the new section due in the March edition of Interzone that appears to have your name attached to it?

Paul S. Jenkins said...

Gatt, thanks for the comments. It's always interesting to hear what listeners think of the show.

Paul S. Jenkins said...

Vanamonde, the Interzone reviews are currently on hold, for reasons not entirely unrelated to the forthcoming 'Podzone' to debut in the next IZ. Can't say more at present.

Anonymous said...

So I got my hands on the March edition of Interzone and no podzone feature (as far as I can see).

Has the whole thing fell through or been delayed by several months (there is no mention of podzone in the teaser for the May issue)?

Paul S. Jenkins said...


Haven't got my copy yet :-(

But Andy Cox tells me that, as I suspected from looking at the info at, the first Podzone has been postponed, along with some other regular stuff, to make room for the 25th Anniversary celebrations.

It should be in the following issue.

Anonymous said...

So just got the latest interzone (released on 12th July). No podzone but a new DVD review section. Has your section been dumped or just postponed for another issue?

Paul S. Jenkins said...


You get your IZ much earlier than I do! :-)

"Podzone' will I hope be 'regular' - in the sense that RUR is regular. which likely means highly unpredictable as regards publishing schedule!