Friday, July 22, 2005

News catch-up

First, something I should have posted here last week but only just got around to -- you can hear the Rev-Master reading a story for Steve Eley's Escape Pod here...

(Thanks Steve, it was fun!)

Second (and more up-to-date): Gary Leland, aka P. Dilly (formerly known as the Pickleman), played the Rev Up Review promo on the Podcast Pickle Show - Episode VII. (Thanks Gary!)

Lastly, a new Rev Up Review should be up some time this coming weekend.


Anonymous said...

Loved the job you did reading it. I don't know if you'll be at Worldcon, but if so maybe we'll meet there.

Paul S. Jenkins said...

Glad you approve. It's the first time I've read for someone else, but I enjoyed doing it. (Sorry it took so long -- my voice had to recover from a bout of 'flu!)

Unfortunately I won't be at Worldcon, but how about a Skype interview for The Rev Up Review? (Email me if you prefer.)