Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Rev Up Review Breadcast

The Rev Up Review, Number Seven:

  • Title: RUR-2005-07-24
  • Size: 21.4 MB
  • Duration: 46'33"
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Jesse said...

Great show paul. What are you putting on that homemade bread?

P.S. your's is the first podcast on our newly minted online audio page:

Paul S. Jenkins said...

Jesse, thanks for the posting on the online audio page, and it's very nice to be the first podcast up there.

Sandwiches, BTW, is where the bread goes, mostly. Though sometimes I can't resist eating a slice or two as soon as the loaf comes out of the tin!

purplejoolz said...

I've never been known for my recipes, but surely I'm famous now!

DJ Defwheezer said...


The Mental-Escher Pluri Media Group would like to collectively thank you for your review of our podcasts. Great stuff all around.



Paul S. Jenkins said...

Defwheezer, I hope I did justice to Cyberpunk Radio.

I wasn't exactly surprised to hear myself on the Mental Escher feed, bearing in mind what happened to the guys at Vox Monitor. (I think I got off lightly -- unless I've been sampled for a later show!)

Paul S. Jenkins said...

Joolz, you want a credit 'on air'? Just say the word....